Training Rates and Fees


*Show Training - $900.00/Month

            Multi-Horse Discount - $850.00/Month

*Show Charges - Our goal at CRS Training is to make going to shows as affordable as possible; therefore, we do not charge a standard show fee. Actual expenses will be split on a per horse basis with an additional $25/day/horse for incidental costs(i.e. meals, supplies, etc.). As an example, if expenses are $150 lodging (typically a camper fee rather than a hotel room), $250 for decorations, and $255 for tack stalls, the total expense of $655 would be split by the number of horses attending plus a $25/day/horse incidental fee. If 5 horses went to a 3-day show, the total cost per horse would be $655/5=$131 plus 3*$25=$75 for a total of $206/horse. Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-member fees, bedding at shows, layover charges, braiding and hauling fees are to be paid by the owner.

*Transportation- If transported by us - $0.75/mile split by # of horses on trailer. For example, most of our shows are at the Virginia Horse Center, an approximate 320 mile round trip. If a trip is made with just one horse, the cost would be $240. If a trip is made with 3 horses the cost would be only $80 per horse. If transported by others, client will pay actual charges. Minimum of $0.25 per mile.


*Body Clipping - $125.00 per horse.

*Sellers Agent Fee - 15% of sale price payable at time of sale.


*Other Notes - Training, Show Charges and other charges are due on the first of the month after billing. After the 5th of the month a fee of $25 will be added on that month’s bill. All horses whose bills are 30 days in arrears will be sent home or put on board until such time as the bill is paid in full. No horse will be trained if payments are not current. All horses are required to have a current negative Coggins. All inoculations, and de-worming will be administered by CRS Training’s Veterinarian and regulated by CRS Training when required.


*All prize money will be retained by the client.

*All prices are subject to change without notification.


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